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You know how make-up helps to cover up all those flaws on our skin? That's pretty much what the several layers of paint did for the Shasta. She looked beautiful all done up for the Ball but, take off the make-up and ball gown, throw on some yoga pants and a sweatshirt and put the hair up in a pony tail and she vaguely resembles the same girl. Same.exact.thing. with the Shasta. That paint covered up some major flaws in her appearance. Where to proceed from here? Since we were already replacing the roof, new skin for the sides seem like the best option.

At this point, to say I was exasperated, down trodden, hopeless.... fill in the blank, is and understatement. I questioned if moving forward with the project would be worth it.

Throwing more time and money into this project was not something I desired to do. We were in too deep now, though, and pressing forward seemed the best/only option. I had plenty of participates willing to encourage me and help me make my dream a reality, so forward we went.


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