To Paint or Not to Paint

September 29, 2014 70531414


The Shasta is a good color. It is very close to the colors I choose for my Ginabean Quilts logo. But, on this particular Shasta,  the latex paint was rolled on. About 4 coats of it, to be exact. And see the black stripe on the camper? Well- that's not paint....It's duct tape. Yes- you heard correctly. Duct Tape. (Imagine a little version of my mom sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear, "if you're gonna do it, ...")

photo 3-1-1

The decision was made. The paint needed to be removed and the trailer needed to be repainted.


Just removing the duct tape peeled off latex flakes. It revealed a surprise that this girl, who minored in Historic Preservation, found exciting. The yellow you see in the picture above is the original 1963 factory paint and there is the aluminum stripe!

The original Shasta was painted with oil paint. As you probably know, painting latex paint over oil paint isn't the best. It doesn't want to stick.  Mom is right. It really would be best just to strip it down and paint it correctly.

I entered the wormhole that is the internet and began to research the best/easiest way to strip the trailer down to the aluminum.


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