If you're gonna do it....

September 29, 2014 70531414

24 hours after the Canned Ham rolled into our driveway, the interior that the previous owner spent 2 years building was no more. Anthony took out all of the pent-up aggression and bad feelings he has been pushing down into deep dark places that no one likes to talk about and demoed the interior. He ripped out all of the cabinets.  He pulled up the flooring and took out the toliet. Everything.gone.(Sorry Mr. Previous Owner)


IMG_4034During the demo, I began to ponder...Should we turn and burn this thing and just worry about the inside or should we maybe take the up-fit one step further and paint the exterior? That's when my mom got in my head. "If you're gonna do it, you might as well do it right," was uttered.  And from this point on....I blame everything on her. 


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