The Road Less Traveled

September 29, 2014 70531414

photo 1A little over a month ago I typed the word "vintage" into the search box on Craigslist. I have a thing for old sewing machines and occasionally I check Craigslist to see what it has to offer. As I scrolled down the list of vintage items, this trailer appeared and my life took a turn. For better or worse, it took a turn. My head began spinning with possibilities as I imagined turning this cute little 1963 Shasta into a retail fabric shop and starting a some type mobile fabric sales revolution.

I showed it to my husband. Of course, he looked at me like I was nuts, but he seems to support me in all my ideas, no matter how crazy. We called up the owners and went and took a look. The  Shasta seems to be one of those things that draws people in and is hard to resist. With a lot of thinking about it and NOT a lot of thinking about it all at the same time, (if you know what I mean) we purchased the Shasta.

And this is where the adventure of restoring a 1963 Vintage Travel Trailer begins. Like all good stories, there will be good times and bad. With the help of my husband, family, friends, and some dude on the internet who made about eighty-zillion videos on how to restore these things, Trailer Stash Fabrics and this old camper are going to come to life.


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